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If you own a warehouse, you know that maintaining it isn’t like keeping up your house.

Warehouses are big. That large surface area means their roofs take a lot of damage fast.

Not only that, unlike residential property, warehouses face chemicals, exhaust, and residues that can eat away at their surfaces.

All this means you need more vigilance, regular repairs, and maintenance to ensure the security of the warehouse’s contents and structure.


Because roof leaks and other issues can cause massive trouble for a business.

Think about water damaging electronics that were ready to ship, or even worse, chemicals seeping into an otherwise benign product.

With regular maintenance and repairs, you can avoid this kind of damage and the catastrophic bill that coincides with them.

The most important thing is that you depend on someone you can trust.

Why You Need A Trusted Industrial/Warehouse Roof Installation Company

Would you take your car to a shady mechanic? Or hire a dubious contractor to fix up your kitchen?

Of course not.

Those are relatively simple jobs compared to installing or repairing a warehouse roof.

A warehouse roof looks simple. It’s often flat, and wide, and might only feature a few standout characteristics.

But under that deceptive facade lies a complex web of exhaust infrastructure, unique materials, and structural supports.

Make sure you hire someone that has proven experience dealing with these features and who can handle problems without breaking the bank or cutting corners.

Cool Roofs – The Go-To Roofing Company

We’ve laid over 4 million square feet of roofing.

If you were to build a warehouse that big, it would be the size of 94 football fields.

So that’s how much experience we have. But can you trust our work?

The Better Business Bureau does. They gave us an A+ rating.

For the even more skeptical, we are recognized as one of the Top 100 roofing and property storm restoration companies in the country.

We’ve earned this stellar reputation by providing skillful, thorough, and professional work with as little disruption to our customer’s businesses as humanly possible.

And we pride ourselves on restoring damaged property so that it’s completely reborn, installing new roofs that are at the pinnacle of the industry’s standards.

You want a roofer you can trust, and there isn’t one more trustworthy than us.

Industrial/Warehouse Roof Replacement

Cool Roofs offers full roof replacement on warehouse properties whenever a major refresh is required.

We offer some of the strongest and most durable materials so that you can rest easy knowing that the contents of your warehouse are safe.

We offer:

  • TPO
  • Spray Foam Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • And Coating

We’ll work with you to discover the best roofing solution to fit your needs and unique circumstances.

Industrial/Warehouse Roof Repair

The best way to fend off a huge job, a major bill, and a ton of headaches are to nip problems in the bud before they sprout.

We’ll keep your warehouse roof maintained by providing constant repairs for a reasonable price.

These include:

  • Storm damage repair
  • Minor leaks
  • Gutter Repair
  • And more

Emergency Industrial/Warehouse Roof Repair

Storms, earthquakes, and other disasters can damage even the most well-kept property.

We understand how stressful such a disaster can be, and we’re here to help you get your business back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

If your building has experienced a major issue, we’re here to jump into action at a moment’s notice.

Reach out either via our contact page or our number: +1(830)832-4867 and let us know about the emergency. 

We’re here to help.

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Trusted Commercial Roofer

Warehouse roof repair and installation isn’t a low-stakes job.

You want to hire someone who has experience building secure roofs for an affordable price.

Frankly, you want to go with the best.

Every member of our commercial roofing team is a highly trained professional with years of experience.

We ensure top quality by dispatching an onsite supervisor to manage your project. These supervisors are all OSHA-certified and experienced professionals capable of noticing the smallest details that could be safety hazards down the line.

Cool Roofs works to earn and keep your trust by keeping you in the loop via regular reports and updates. That way you know that we’re not trying to sneak anything by you.

We’re also available to answer any questions and concerns, and keep ourselves easy to reach in case you have any issues with our work.

Our products and workmanship are backed by industry-leading warranties, and we keep our word when it comes to our budgets and timelines.

That’s why we’re an A+ business according to the Better Business Bureau.

And it’s why you should go with us for all your roofing needs.

Let’s Work Together

Visit our Contact Page to get a free quote and learn more about how we can revitalize your property and set you up for long-term success.