CertainTeed Achieves New UL Certification for Landmark Shingles

We are thrilled to announce that CertainTeed has achieved a significant milestone with our Landmark shingles receiving a new UL certification! This upgrade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, providing our customers with top-tier roofing solutions.

What is UL Certification? Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a globally recognized organization that conducts rigorous testing to ensure products meet high safety and performance standards. For roofing shingles, this includes impact resistance tests where metal balls are dropped from significant heights to simulate hail damage. The CertainTeed Landmark shingles have now been upgraded from a Class 2 to a Class 3 rating.

Benefits of the New Certification:

  • Improved Impact Resistance: The new Class 3 rating signifies that our shingles can withstand more substantial impacts, providing better protection for your home. This means enhanced durability and resilience against severe weather conditions.
  • Potential Insurance Savings: With the upgraded classification, homeowners might qualify for reduced insurance premiums. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to see how this new rating can benefit your policy.
  • Top-Quality Installation: As a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster, Cool Roofs ensures all installations meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. This guarantees that you receive the highest standards of durability and performance.

Opportunities for New and Existing Customers:

  • Interested in Upgrading? If you currently have Class 2 shingles and are interested in upgrading to Class 3, or if you want to explore Class 4 options, reach out to our professionals today. We can guide you through the benefits and process, ensuring you make the best decision for your home.
  • Installed in 2024? If we’ve installed CertainTeed Landmark shingles on your home this year, contact us to get your certification letter. This document can be sent to your insurance provider to confirm the upgrade, potentially qualifying you for better rates.

Explore Class 4 Options: CertainTeed offers a range of Class 4 impact-resistant shingles, including:

  • Belmont IR
  • Presidential Shake
  • ClimateFlex

These shingles provide superior protection and durability, making them an excellent choice for any weather conditions.

Conclusion: At Cool Roofs, we are dedicated to providing the best roofing solutions to our customers. The new UL certification for CertainTeed shingles is a testament to the commitment to quality and excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how this certification can benefit you and ensure your home is protected with the highest quality roofing system.

Contact Us: For more information or to schedule an inspection, reach out to our team of professionals. We look forward to serving you!

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