Stop the leaks!

Your roof is a crucial part of your commercial building. If your roof is experiencing leaks that are to properly handled, then it can lead to extreme costs and headaches that will present itself in the future. Understanding the issues that a roof leak can bring about is very important for it can lead to problems such as effected interior insulation and even worse can lead to mold. Mold only needs a few basic elements in order to start developing within your property: moisture, heat and some source of food.

Other negative aspects of a leaking roof can be apparent in rotten wood structures and compromised interior insulation. As mold grows and moisture soaks into the properties wood support beams, it can lead to the reduction of structured support strength. Over time, this could lead to a dangerous situation. A leak in your roof could cause your insulation to become wet. Most buildings are insulated with fiberglass insulation. This insulating material uses air pockets between the fibers to create a heat barrier. When exposed to water, fiberglass insulation will become heavy and crumple. Not only will this reduce its insulating properties, but it could also add significant weight to your commercial ceiling, creating a dangerous situation.

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