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I have a roof leak, where is it coming from!?

If it has been quite sometime since a professional has inspected your roof you just might have a long list of reasons why you are experiencing leaks. There is a long list of negative attributes that a roof leak can bring including structural damage or unhealthy mold growth. You may notice a water spot on the ceiling or water on the walls, yet where is that water coming from? The following are some problem areas you can check in order to find out where the leak is coming from.


What is flashing? Metal flashing that is placed around objects which protrude from the roof in order to deflect water away from seams and joints and in valleys where the run off of water is concentrated. The main purpose is to guide water away from protruded areas to avoid water seaming into seam of the roof. When flashing is not sealed or installed properly water can flow underneath and create an immense leak point. Look for loose flashing, rusted flashing, or lifted. Areas to look: vents, chimneys and skylights.


The More penetrations you have on your roof, the more likely you are to be susceptible to a leak. Chimney and skylights is an essential feature to your home, however, if not installed properly can be a problem for a leak. To keep up proper maintenance, caulk around these penetrations every five years. While up there, caulk around all additional penetrations which as ventilation systems, pipe jacks, etc.


Your shingles could be damaged and be a prime candidate as to why you are experiencing leaks. Look for buckled, missing, corroded, or cracked shingles. If you have trees that limbs are hanging over the roof, this could cause significant damage and leak to a leak point.


If you are experiencing a leak and would like a professional to assist, please contact Cool Roofs and a representative will take care of you and your roofing needs.


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