Your central Texas roof protects your estate from extreme heat in the summer months, harsh weather-related events ( hail and wind storms ), and grants your house an architectural appeal. However, if you are not actively inspecting your roof for damage or performing yearly maintenance, it will gradually deteriorate and become susceptible to damage. It is always best to spot a roof issue before an interior problem. Below you will find three pivotal signs to look for that will educate you on better understanding when your roof will need repairs. 

3 Signs You Need Roof Repair

  1. Leaks inside your attic or interior ceiling – A leak on your ceiling can be spotted for there will be a dark/brown spot visible to the eye that in most cases will be easy to spot. This area can also have paint chipped, a slight sag, or even a water bubble holding active water that has leaked in. When inspecting each room’s ceiling have a flashlight handy as this will help you find/determine leak points throughout the house. An additional place to inspect is the attic. The attic is typically utilized for storage, with that being said to check on top of boxes and stored items for setting water. Any sign of a spotted leak will most certainly require immediate roof attention and repair. 
  2. Patches of Mold on Roof Surface – When moisture is trapped on the roof, a great indicator will be a visible sign of mold and moss growing on the roof surface. If you do not have a professional remove the molded areas in a timely manner, the moisture on the rooftop can seep into your home causing a toxic mold to grow inside. This is a very serious event as this can eventually lead to serious health risks alongside property interior damage. 
  3. Missing or Damaged Shingles – As a homeowner, it is important to inspect your roof on a quarterly basis as Texas experienced numerous weather-related events that can affect the roof structure. One storm alone can remove shingles from your roofing system that can then lead to interior leak points. A good way to determine if there are missing shingles is to frost check the exterior roof slopes but also inspect gutters as well as around the yard foiling a bad storm as the shingles could have blown off. It is difficult to see certain areas of the roof, for your safety it is important you contact a professional to inspect. 
  4. Deterioration of Roof Penetrations- The hot summer seasons in Texas also affects penetration points around the roof system such as pipe jackboots, exposed sealed nail heads, and areas around flashing. Hot Texas heat can deteriorate the pipe jackboot causing a leak point, it is important to have the boots around pipe jacks replaced every five to seven years. It is also a great idea to have a bottle of roof sealant to seal around all penetrations, flashing, and ventilation points on a roof. 
  5. Metal Roof Fasteners – The Texas heat can affect the fasteners on a metal roof drastically. Over time the heat can expand the fastener detraining the washer causing a leak point. It is important to button cap/seal these fasteners to assure a solid hold and eliminate leak points. In some instances, it is smart to have professionals remove fasteners and apply a new washer and screw. On a metal roof, this is a very common leak point in Texas. If a homeowner has a metal roof and is tired of dealing with this issue a great alternative is upgrading to a standing seam metal roofing system. 
  6. Clean Gutters – It is important to clean gutters to allow for the proper runoff of water. Gutters that are full of debris can cause the backup of water which can create rotten fascia and in some instances rotten decking. Have a professional clean the gutters on a quarterly basis or even invest in installing leaf gutter guards to prevent the backup of debris in your gutter system. 

Preventative maintenance on your roof can help the lifespan of your roofing system as well as save you a lot of headaches in the future. We understand that a roof is not the most accessible component to your home, that is why Cool Roofs is here not only to educate you on the benefits of preventative maintenance but to also conduct these inspections for the homeowner as well. Cool Roofs will provide the homeowner with a detailed inspection report, an understanding of the overall scope of work that needs to be performed, and before and after pictures of the preventative maintenance work concluded. Our team utilizes top-of-the-line products that are high quality, durable and long-lasting materials. 

Cool Roofs is Central Texas Professional Roofing Repair Service Provider 

Cool Roofs is a locally owned and operated commercial and residential roofing contractor that provides value and roofing services to the central Texas community. Cool Roofs has offices in Austin, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. We are not your storm chasing roofing company rather we have established a year around roofing operation that provides year-round services in order to provide peace of mind to the homeowner. Cool Roofs has had the opportunity to service one hundred thirty-five – five-star customers working with them on full roof replacements, roof repairs, preventative maintenance, residential roofing services, and commercial roofing services. Cool Roofs is family-owned and operated for seven years and has a strong focus on its continuation to serve that great state of Texas and those who live here.

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